How to Become a News Reporter

A career as a news reporter can seem like an exciting opportunity. But what responsibilities and requirements are requested by the job? Do you have what it takes to be successful?

Here are some of our tips and recommendations on what to do if you’re interested in becoming a news reporter. Make sure to check out this article before sending us any inquiries.

What Is a News Reporter?
News reporters work for online publication, radio stations, newspapers, television, and a variety of other media. Their jobs are to investigate stories and travel to different locations to fact-check claims. As a reporter, they must interview witnesses and complete research to ensure that the story is as accurate as possible.

When they work, it’s typically in tandem with an editor. These are the people who assign them stories along with paring them with photographers and camera operators.

The job usually requires a bachelor’s degree in the field of communications or journalism. It’s recommended to participate in internships during your years of study as well as focusing on your verbal and written communication. Having excellent computer skills and organization is always a plus.

What Kind of Training Do You Need?
Your degree in communications or journalism will often equip you with the knowledge of news writing, public speaking, editing, writing, marketing, advertising and computer technical skills. While graduate degrees are available for reporting, they aren’t necessarily required for most entry-level positions.

A lot of experience for your occupation can be obtained while on the job. Listen to the people you work with and try to see how they go through their process. Hands-on work will always be more beneficial than what you do in a classroom.

What’s The Work Environment Like?
Reporters have a variety of outlets in which they can work for as well as a multitude of environments. Depending on where you choose to work, you can be anywhere from on a crime scene to a political campaign.

In your first few years as a rookie, you may just be gathering information for general assignments as you gain more experience. This will mostly involve lower end stories as you work your way up.

While it may be discouraging to start at the bottom of the workplace, your time to prove yourself will come with experience. Work hard to show your employer that you’re hard working, persistent, and pay close attention to detail. This is everything a good reporter needs to be successful.

The Effects and Consequences of Fake News

The effect of fabricated media that has been churning recently on the internet has had some drastic effects on the world. Having an international connection through the net, while globally connecting us now more than ever also has the risk of spreading false information farther.

Through a closer study on the results of fake circulated stories, there are a lot of arguments to be made about false news impacting political events. When reading articles on the internet, it is vital to separate fact from fiction.

What Makes A Fake Article Convincing?
It’s shown through recent statistics that the higher a page is ranked on a search engine, the more believable it is. What they don’t realize is that companies are purposefully using and optimizing their websites to rank their page higher based on keywords. While not always a malicious tactic, it can be depending on how it’s used.

During the 2016 election, a seventeen-year-old boy from Macedonia founded a news website and began inventing stories for money. Anyone with the knowledge of how to use the internet can easily manipulate other people.

How Does This Effect Us?
In 2016 a white supremacist on Twitter received national attention when claiming that politician Hillary Clinton was the center of a secret pedophilia ring. The internet went wild, making crazy accusations and starting the hashtag #Pizzagate.

When the tag went viral and began to trend, it reached millions of viewers starting to be then pumped out to fake news websites. A man from Northern Carolina, hoping to take Clinton down showed up to Comet Pizza with an AR-15 rifle. This was the place where the supposed ring was being operated out of.

He fired three shots.

Luckily, nobody was injured, but this was all started with a fake story on the internet.

How Can We Fight Against This?
The best way to fight against fake media is to educate. Teaching students in the classrooms about the credibility of news sources and bias are incredibly crucial to the future of the world. Teach others to question the sources and make sure they’re from reliable data.

Learning is done through experience. Having students see examples of fake posts and real information can help them to discern between the two.

Don’t wait to educate yourself on the difference and get into the habit of checking news sources every time you go to share a post. Doing this will not only help yourself know the difference but allows you to aid everyone you know.